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What is Heaven Saying?

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with life. I felt like everything I looked at in life was grey, as if the colour had been washed out of my world. Many years ago I was in a very similar situation. I was magnifying all the ‘bad’ things in my life.. my job, my mental health, my struggles, my friendships etc. I was so focused on the negative things happening in my world that I couldn’t see hope. I magnified my situation to a point that I couldn’t see a way out. One night I was begging God to fix a situation and to take me out of it. At that moment I saw a vision of myself taken from Earth and seated next to God in Heaven, I could no longer see the problems and chaos that I had been magnifying and I felt Him say to me ‘What is heaven saying about this?’ as God spoke to me about my hope and my future I felt my perspective change. 


We live in a world where people post all the negative things going on in the world, all the fear and anguish, but God calls us to prophesy the hope and love of God to declare who He is in this world, not to focus on what the enemy is doing to kill, steal and destroy but to prophesy the goodness and faithfulness of God. To find out what Heaven is saying about the situation and to pray exactly that. To magnify God. We have to call a timeout and ask God what He is saying. Yes, something might be factual on earth but we need to be asking God what He is saying about the situation. Once we start to talk about the angelic and Heaven the atmospheres around us will start to change.

If there’s anything in our life that feels hopeless, it is under the influence of a lie. God has equipped us with hope and everything we need for that exact situation. I know that God has equipped me to walk through depression and anxiety, to walk through it.. not to stay in it. Some days are frustrating and painful but when I choose to magnify what Heaven is saying, I change my perspective, I rise above it. By partnering with God my environment changes, I can’t help but become more hope-filled.

Proverbs 18:21 “Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap the consequences” (Passion Translation) We need to watch what we are talking about and who we are talking about. What are we saying about people? Are we bringing life or death? The words we speak live and have life, until we contract them with the truth of God’s word. When we speak negatively about our situations or other people we are allowing the enemy to wreak havoc and cause destruction in our lives and other people’s lives. It’s our job to prophesy hope and life, not destruction and fear. We need to be conscious of what we are saying over ourselves and others.  When we are faced with difficult situations and people we should be asking ‘What is Heaven saying about this?’


 With the uncertainty of life with COVID and all that’s happening in the world we can become so focused on what we think is right or wrong. We have many opinions. I know for myself when I spend too much time listening or reading what other people are saying I can feel my internal world becoming chaotic and fearful. This past week I’ve been trying to lean more into ‘What is Heaven saying?’ ‘What should I prophecy over this situation?’ ‘What is God doing inside of my heart?’ As I lean more into Him I find peace, joy and rest. 

My challenge for you this week is to lean into Him, to get Heaven’s perspective and to be conscious of what you are saying over yourself and others. 


Some helpful question I use:

1.     What am I magnifying that doesn’t need my attention?

2.     What is God asking me to magnify?

3.     What is Heaven saying about my situation?

4.     What do I need to prophesy over myself, my family, my friends and the world? 

5.     Is there anything in me that needs to be realigned with a Kingdom perspective? 


Published by Breannon Rennick

One of my dreams is for people to live in true freedom and healing. Through Art and Writing, I believe God can do amazing miracles. I pray you feel a piece of heaven as you come on this journey with me.

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